Prayer services in the Salzburg synagogue are currently held on Erev Shabbat (Friday evening) and Shabbat morning, subject to prior notice. The prayers follow the traditional rite of spatial separation of men and women during prayer. Community members and Jewish guests from abroad can inquire about the times of prayer at the administration office.

For security reasons, participation in the prayers is only possible after prior registration and confirmation by our office. Please note that individual and unannounced visits to the synagogue are not possible for organizational reasons.


Religious classes for all Jewish children in Salzburg take the form of group lessons, which are held in person and online. Registration for religious instructions takes place via the community´s office. All children and young people who belong to the community can take part.


In Judaism, the word Mikwah refers to an immersion bath, the water of which is used to achieve ritual purity. The ritual purity has nothing to do with hygiene. The hygiene achieved through the use of a mikvah is at most a positive health side effect. A mikvah is used – by immersing in appropriate water – for the ritual purification of people and objects that have become “unclean” in the religious sense or that are not yet in a state of “spiritual purity”.

The Jewish community Salzburg has had a ritual immersion bath ever since 1959. Use is only possible with prior notification and is subject to a fee.


Services in the synagogue are regularly conducted by qualified community members or external cantors. Pastoral talks, the care of prisoners, the sick and mourning, or people in crisis situations are coordinated by our office management.

Chief Rabbi Jehoshua Ahrens שליט״א has been officially accredited as Chief Rabbi of Salzburg in January 2023. If necessary, he is represented in rabbinical matters by the Chief Rabbi of Styria and member of the board of the European Rabbinical Conference, Schlomo Hofmeister שליט״א. Both rabbinic personalities form the rabbinate of Jewish Community Salzburg.


Proper execution of funerals, including proper Tahara, is particularly important to us and, according to religious regulations, should take place as soon as possible after death. In the event of a death, please contact the office of the Jewish community immediately. Outside of office hours, we have provided an emergency number where we can be reached 24 hours a day. Burial in the Jewish cemetery presupposes membership in the Jewish Association of Slovenia, but in any case presupposes that the deceased is considered a Jew according to Halakah, Jewish religious law.

Kosher food

Salzburg currently has no kosher catering establishments or grocery stores. The nearest kosher supply companies are in Munich or Vienna. With timely notification, we can help in individual cases with the procurement of kosher food from Munich or Vienna.