Prayer services in the Salzburg synagogue are currently held on Erev Shabbat (Friday evening) and Shabbat morning, subject to prior notice. The prayers follow the traditional rite of spatial separation of men and women during prayer.

Please note that for security reasons, participation in prayers is only possible after prior registration and confirmation by our office. Individual and unannounced visits to the synagogue are unfortunately not permitted for organizational reasons. Members of the congregation as well as Jewish guests can enquire about prayer times at the secretariat.


Religious education for all Jewish children in Salzburg takes the form of group lessons, which are held either in person or online. Registration for religious instruction is done via the secretariat. All children and young people who are members of the Jewish community can participate.


In Judaism, mikvah refers to an immersion bath whose water – by immersing the entire body – serves to achieve ritual purity. From a religious point of view, ritual purity has nothing to do with hygiene.

The Jewish community Salzburg has had its own ritual immersion bath since 1959, which is housed in an annex located on the east side of the synagogue. Efforts are currently underway to renovate the aging ritual bath. Incidentally, the Salzburg mikvah is the only ritual bath in Austria outside Vienna and the only one owned by a Jewish community itself. Not even the Viennese religious community has its own mikvah and relies instead on private institutions.


Prayers in the Salzburg synagogue are regularly held by qualified members of the congregation or external cantors.

Pastoral care talks, care for prisoners, the sick, and mourners or people in crisis situations are coordinated by our office management.

Chief Rabbi Dr. Jehoshua AHRENS שליט״א was officially accredited as Chief Rabbi of Salzburg on January 10, 2023. He has supreme religious jurisdiction. If necessary, he is represented in rabbinical matters by the provincial rabbi of Styria, Mag. Schlomo Hofmeister שליט״א.


The proper conduct of funerals is of particular concern to us and, according to religious regulations, a funeral should take place as soon as possible after the passing.

In the event of a death, please contact the office management of the Jewish Community Salzburg immediately. Outside office hours, we have provided an emergency number on our answering machine for this purpose, where we can be reached 24 hours a day. Burial in the Jewish Cemetery Salzburg requires membership in the Jewish Community Salzburg, but in any case presupposes that the deceased is considered a Jew according to Jewish religious law.

Kosher food

The city and province of Salzburg currently have no permanent kosher grocery shops or catering establishments. The nearest kosher supply facilities are in Munich and Vienna.

Events in our community are kept kosher.

Our office management is happy to assist travel groups organize kosher catering.