Experience Jewish culture with its history, customs, and celebrations in the Salzburg synagogue, a lively meeting place of cultures and friendships, where friendly intercultural dialogue opens the gates to our community.

“A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter: he that has found one has found a treasure. There is nothing so precious as a faithful friend, and no scales can measure his excellence.” This is how the Sefer Ben Sira (6:14) defines the term friend.

Friendship is also what opens the doors of our synagogue and fills it with life. Encounters with a diversity of cultures awaken more understanding, so we have set ourselves the goal of making our synagogue a place of encounter and dialogue. Not a museum-like temple of muses, but a lively house where friends of all ages should meet and learn from each other. This applies in particular to the Jewish religion and culture.

Children and young people of all faiths are cordially invited to experience Jewish culture and religion through us first-hand. We believe that early awareness-raising in childhood, through interreligious contact, paves the way for a tolerant future – to which we would like to actively contribute through our tours.

The Salzburg synagogue should be a place where dialogue and exchange between adults take place and where everyone can learn from each other.

Experience Jewish culture on our guided tours for adults and immerse yourself in the history of Austrian Jewry. Embark on a journey through the Jewish calendar and learn interesting facts about Jewish festivals and celebrations. Get an introduction to the architecture of the synagogue and the sequence of prayers.

A comprehensive program is available, according to which you can individually design your tour. A variety of topics are offered, such as the Jewish year or life cycle, different topics on the history of Jews in Austria, or death and dying in Judaism, to name just a few. Each tour lasts about 50 minutes.

You can obtain further information from our secretariat. We are at your disposal for a personal conversation any time.

Please note in general: For organizational and safety reasons, participation in all events of the Jewish community Salzburg is only possible after written approval and reservations by the administrative office. Please note that we need a copy of the organizer’s or accompanying person’s ID card ahead of time in order to be able to confirm a guided tour. Guided tours for adults take place with a minimum of five participants. For practical reasons, group sizes are limited to 20 adults or 25 children, including accompanying person(s). Only a single guided tour can be held at a time.

If you are interested in a guided tour of the Salzburg synagogue, we ask that you fill out the relevant application form available for download below and send it to before contacting us. Upon receipt of such we will contact you immediately.